The company

ITisnew is a tiny company, specialized in IT monitoring. Founded by IT experts, who have successfully implemented IT infrastructures, ensured security and practised audits all around the world for over a decade.

Our solution allows you to target issues before it severely affects your business.

We work upstream, avoiding you loathsome wastes of time and productivity.

In addition to this core job, we offer additional services to support you in the daily operation of your IT structure, i.e. audit, control & security management


We provide you with a complete monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Based on world’s leading solutions and industrial standards, our setting is very powerful, flexible to your environment and non-intrusive. It brings you a real time visibility of your whole IT network & provides an immediate notification of the pointed issue, by any of your preferred mean: visual, text message, e-mail…

Versatile, it can be installed for every monitoring purpose. From hardware, to software, to critical lab equipments, environmental sensors and just about anything you can think of. Our solution will allow you to have an eye on it all, using just one tool

Readable from anywhere, anytime with a immediate and easy understanding of the root problems. Simple and playful displays will inform and reassure anyone in your company , from the IT expert to the company manager.

Typical monitoring possibilities:
Air-conditioning, disk space, database base health, Exchange, network bandwidth, RAID status, printer supplies, windows Active Directories, anti-virus, water leak detection, network bandwidth, lab refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers, Incubators, environmental chambers, environmental sensor including humidity, temperature, airflow.

A strong partner

Using our experience, we will bring you a custom solution that will make your IT more reliable and more secure.

We actually provide:

  • A scalable monitoring solution: a bespoke service, adapted to your actual & future needs.
  • We customize our solution to your needs & environment; bringing you a bespoke service & maximizing your resources.
  • Stay in control of your IT: safety, backup & prevention are back in your hands!
  • A clear budget: our solution adapts any budgets; your cost requirements are respected